Advocating for responsible use of sky lanterns

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Advocating for responsible use of sky lanterns

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Published by Fabio Paduanelli in News & Press Release · 6 January 2020
We are totally shocked to hear about the terrible accidents at the zoo in Germany, which should have never happened. Our deepest sympathy to the sorrowing people of the zoo for their loss.

We are deeply distressed for the death of poor animals and apes and we are very saddened because this accident should have been avoided.

We would like to clarify that our sky lanterns were not involved with this terrible accident. It is completely unacceptable  that some individuals presumed that our company is somehow related to this accident.

We have been advocating for responsible use of sky lanterns for over 10 years, well before UK Trading Standards published the Code of Practice, in 2014. However, this code is only voluntary and we cannot force other companies to supply only premium sky lanterns, not to mention those “companies” who sale on amazon and ebay.

We are always available to support Charities and other organisations for good causes and if we can help the zoo, we will give them our full support. We hope the tweet is helping to inform as many people as possible about the terrible accident at the zoo. We also hope that more people will read about the differences between sky lanterns available on the market and use them responsibly.

We are not surprised that yet again a poorly made sky lantern has caused a dreadful accident. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with these poor quality sky lanterns, including those contaminated with Asbestos, but some unaware people choose them based on price, not on quality.

Please read the information on our blog. We hope it will help everyone to find out how the responsible use of premium sky lanterns would have prevented this terrible accident and all those concerns associated with poorly made sky lanterns.

We hope that anyone who intend to release sky lanterns will follow those simple, but essential guidelines highlighted in the Code. We also would like to see all those sky lanterns not fit for propose removed from our markets as soon as possible.

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18 Apr 2020
So I take it you have proof this was not one or many of your products? And if it wasn’t where’s the proof yours wouldn’t have done exactly the same. Just stop making these PLEASE!!!! They are dangerous WHATEVER THEY ARE MADE OF!!!
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