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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
I am looking at your products on Amazon website .... , if I order now can you deliver next day? ... can you invoice me with VAT? ... why your products are sold cheaper on Amazon? ...

Some customers contacted us regarding the products listed with our brand name on amazon and ebay. Since 2014, we had to suspend the supply of our products to amazon but unscrupulous sellers are listing products with our brand names "Night Sky Lanterns" and "Candle Bags UK", which are not our original products. We have tried unsuccessfully so far, to remove sellers who are claiming to sell our branded products instead they are listing fakes, counterfeits and poorly made products. In 2009, we registered a Vendor account on Amazon assuming that they will help us building our brand. So they are saying. You will notice that all information of the products published on Amazon under Night Sky Lanterns and Candle Bags UK brands are related to our brands. Simply because we originally wrote the products’ description, photos, barcodes and we used to supply our products directly to Amazon which fulfilled directly its customers.
Now Amazon allows counterfeiters' gangs and unscrupulous sellers to smuggle fake products hidden behind Amazon name and customers are not aware that they are misled.

Beware of counterfeit products sold by unscrupulous sellers
Important Notice: Please note that we are seeing an overwhelming number of sellers flooding the market with very poor quality paper which could be hazards for people and the environment. We are also receiving complaints from customers who bought "our products" on Amazon, sold by sellers claiming of dispatching our branded products and instead they delivered anonymous packaging, the paper still wet, sticky, brownish colours and with an atypical chemical smell. We have now completely stopped the supply of our products on these online giants including Ebay and we are trying to pursue these complains and we will investigate them with TSI. If you had a similar experience we would like to hear from you too.

Are some Sky Lanterns better than others?

ABSOLUTELY YES! There are products of very different quality standards on the market. Consequently, it is important that you avoid those lanterns made of thin paper because thin paper means rapid heat loss and less thermal rise. Good quality lanterns from reputable suppliers use thicker paper have much lower heat loss and therefore achieve high fly performance. This means that the heat source will burn out before returning to the ground. Being made of thicker paper also means less risk of physical damage during launch. So please avoid poorly made lanterns. You can be sure that we only offer top quality Lanterns and we would recommend our Supreme or Premium Sky Lanterns which have much higher success rate compared to Traditional Chinese Sky Lanterns.

Are Sky Lanterns safe to use?

Sky Lanterns are perfectly safe providing that few simple safety guidelines are followed: - Prior to use, ensure lanterns are stored in a dry and secure place away from children. - Do not launch in conditions that make lighting the lantern difficult, i.e. wind speeds above 5 mph. - Do not launch a damaged sky lantern as this may be dangerous and cause injury. - Do not launch in an area that could cause a fire such as near trees, crops and hay bales etc. - Obstacles in the path of the lantern such as buildings and trees should be at least 30 metres away. - Do not release the lantern in an area where the glow could be mistaken for a distress signal. - Do not light or release a sky lantern wearing flammable clothing. For additional safety, gloves should be worn. The lantern should not be left unattended at any time. - Do not launch a sky lantern within 5 miles of an airport or airfield without permission from the CAA - Civil Aviation Authority. Launching a sky lantern in an inappropriate location or manner may cause damage to persons or property which could make you liable for criminal damage and prosecution. Failure to comply with any of the above safety guidelines could result in damage to persons or property. Sky Lanterns are purchased and launched at the user own risk and Night Sky Lanterns take no responsibility for damage that may occur as a result.

Are sky lanterns environmentally eco friendly?

Our Supreme and Premium Sky Lanterns are manufactured from very light paper and a bamboo rim. The use of these materials ensures our Sky Lanterns are light and very easy to launch whilst being environment friendly as 100% of the components are biodegradable unless otherwise stated. Since 2010, our Supreme and Premium Sky Lanterns have had all wire aspects removed from the Traditional Chinese Sky Lanterns in order to make them safer for wildlife and livestock. Supreme and Premium Sky Lanterns are perfectly safe to use and do not produce any harmful or toxic gases. The oxygen produced by plants and bamboo set any emission from the combustion of the fuel cell, make these sky lanterns the most eco friendly alternative for ethical parties and fundraising events.

What are the best conditions for launching sky lanterns?

The optimum conditions would be when there is no wind and no rain. For the very best effect you should launch your lantern when the air is still, it is dry and it is dark outside. You will then get the full benefit of the lanterns floating gently away into the night sky. You should also consider where to launch your lantern so, once it is airborne, you can see it floating for the longest possible period of time. Avoid areas populated with tall trees and buildings etc. These ideally should be at least 30 metres away. You should not attempt to launch Sky Lanterns in windy conditions.

Would Sky Lanterns still fly in below freezing temperatures?

Based on previous experience we noticed that when sky lanterns are used in cold temperature they need less time to fill up with hot air and to be ready to release them free. Sky lanterns are based on the principle that the fuel cell produces hot air which expands and becomes lighter than cold air. In fact, during the summer months in hot countries (35+ C), the lanterns require longer time to bring the internal temperature of the lantern above the environment temperature. Have said that, sky lanterns are one of those things that you got to have in a cabinet or cupboard and if the weather allows, you and your participants will have an unforgettable and magical spectacle. On the other hand, ...
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How is a Sky Lantern assembled?

This is very straight forward and fully illustrated instructions are included with each Lantern. It really is just a case of removing the Lantern from its protective wrapper, unfolding and lighting the fuel cell provided. You then just need to allow time for the lantern to fill with warm air before releasing into the night sky. Supreme and Premium Sky Lanterns are preassembled, while Traditional Chinese Sky Lanterns needs to attach the fuel cell provided to the centre of the wire!

How should I choose the best style of Sky Lanterns?

Regardless of the shape of the Lantern, they are all launched in the same way and they all look stunning when released. It is probable that the larger Lanterns may be visible for a longer period of time, but even one lantern gives a magical emotion. A mixed pack Lanterns are available to purchase should you want a variety of different colours.

Why should I use Sky Lanterns for my special occasion?

The lasting visual effect that you and your guests/friends will enjoy far outweighs that of other similar alternative for something special at parties and fundraising events. More importantly, Sky Lanterns are silent so much more sociably acceptable, according to DEFRA report have very low environmental impact and low fire risk and they have low emissions if any at all, which gives far better value for money. Additionally, Sky Lanterns are perfectly safe to use and do not produce any harmful or toxic gases. In addition to this, our Supreme and Premium Sky Lanterns are 100% eco friendly and biodegradable, so are perfectly safe for wildlife.

If I order today, when will I receive my Sky Lanterns?

Standard UK delivery service usually take 1-4 working days. However, delays can inevitably occur. Therefore, if you would like to guarantee a delivery date, we strongly recommend that you get Priority Order for faster dispatching time and express delivery service 1+ day (Mon-Fri) or Saturday Guaranteed (if you require the delivery for the weekend). You can select the service required for your postcode from Orders and Delivery page. However, your order should be placed by 4:00pm at the very latest to ensure next day delivery. European and International orders can also add the delivery service required from the same page and usually standard delivery 3-10 working days or express service 1+ day available for most the main cities around the globe. Please contact us for full information on shipping costs or click here.

What payment methods do you accept?
We can accept all major Credit and Debit Cards, PayPal, Bank Transfer (BACS) and Cash (Collection only).

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