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Who we are!

Who we are
Since 2008, we continuously delivering high customer's service and we will never compromise on the quality of our products to reduce costs.
We have built our reputation by supplying luxury party products with great value for money and clear information of each product. In 2009, soon after the registration of our website www.nightskylanterns.co.uk, we also opened an account with Amazon and EBay believing that they would help us promote our products on their platform. This resulted in a wrong short cut to increase our exposure and after few years we started to feel the effects of the devastating mistake made to allow other companies to use our information, photos and more importantly our brand name (Night Sky Lanterns®). Indeed, with great regret we found that Amazon and EBay allow other sellers to list their products under our brand name and for many years we are deploying huge resources to protect our customers and pursue those criminals who are smuggling fakes. Even more disappointing is that we have not managed to persuade Amazon and other websites like EBay to take actions to safeguard customers and protect our brand reputation.

Therefore, since 2014, in an attempt to ensure that all our customers can purchase with confidence our products, we have suspended the supply of all our products to Amazon and we no longer sell on other platforms like EBay, Groupon, and other websites.
We believe that those platforms have become nests of criminals who can anonymously smuggle dangerous products hidden behind the name of those well know websites. More alarming is that criminals are totally careless of putting members of the public at risk and they are misleading customers who are unaware of purchasing counterfeit products, which are often produced with poor quality materials or even contaminated with prohibited substances.
To learn more about this or if you have been a victim of a similar situation and you want to help stopping this unfair trade, we invite you to read the article on our blog.
We appeal to everyone not to shop on Amazon or EBay and other third party websites. An apparent deal could end up costing you serious consequences if it turns to be one of those contaminated products with deadly substances like asbestos. Instead shop with confidence from reputable companies like us who always put customers and safety first.
Many thanks for your continuous help and support.

Company Director
Fabio Paduanelli
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