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Reviews & Comments

Comments and Reviews
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Below are some of the comments left by other customers who have used our products.
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"I Purchased a pack of Eco Lanterns to help with my daughters 18th Birthday celebrations. The purchase was quick and hassle free. They arrived ahead of time and added that little extra memory of the night. Guests at the party thought it was a wonderful addition. Many Thanks."
Jan 09 2012, 08:24 AMby L. Connolly
"Excellent product fantastic service quick delivery thanks.Mr Mc Farlane"
Jan 06 2012, 14:47 PMby Anonymous
"These lanterns succeed in their eco-friendly aims and they are also very stylish and entertaining chinese lanterns. Thanks, I thoroughly recommend them"
Dec 08 2010, 15:07 PMby R luke davis
"I bought a pack of lanterns and took them in my suitcase over to Italy to see family. On the last evening, we went to the beach and after cooking sausages over a fire, on the pebbles, we lit the lanterns. An emotional and very special few minutes followed as we watched them glowing into the distance."
Nov 28 2010, 21:32 PMby Kate W
"I just wanted to let you know that I bought these eco lanterns for my wedding, we let them go with our guests and they were brilliant, the perfect end to our special day Thank you Mr and Mrs Redgrove"
Sep 23 2010, 17:26 PMby Tia Redgrove
"I ordered a pack of the eco-lanterns on 23 December, and was amazed when they turned up on christmas eve. We saved them for new years eve, and decorated them with the kids names and good wishes. They were a magical and memorable way to mark a special occasion. I will definitely be buying them again. Thanks!"
Jan 03 2010, 19:23 PMby Sarah S
"Love these things! Great way to cap a party! Price, delivery and customer service fantastic!"
Dec 30 2011, 19:53 PMby Ian
"So I decided to purchase these lanterns for a friends garden party as I thought they would be a fun to try! Once it was dark we all decided to write birthday messages on the lanterns and release all 6 of the lanterns together. Everyone had so much fun and it was amazing to watch them sail off into the night. As a group of 25-30 year olds it turned out to be a great part of the evening and I would definately recommend the lanterns as a great idea to add to any party!"
Jul 29 2011, 10:56 AMby Nicky
"The lanterns really added a magical quality to the end of a lovely family event which we all felt would strengthen the memory. Love the wire free aspect and delivery was on time, great service, great product. Thanks"
May 27 2011, 10:53 AMby jennie stone
"I bought these lanterns having never used a sky lantern before, with the idea to light them for a friend's birthday near to Christmas. All 4 of us lit one, turn by turn, and it really was the most fantastic visceral experience. How the lantern looks and feels as it fills with light and hot air from the flame, and then the strong pull you feel for it to rise is brilliant. They are unusual and fill all your senses really. I can't recommend these lanterns highly enough and just recently bought some more."
Feb 21 2011, 15:51 PMby Stuart Watterson
"I ordered 3 packs of Eco lanterns for a tight deadline for my wedding and was thrilled at the efficient delivery service which I received. I have yet to use the lanterns, but they look great. Will let you know how the day goes with the lanterns. Fiona"
Feb 21 2011, 14:09 PMby Fiona
"Great product at a great price. I could not believe how quickly they arrived. I would certainly use this compay again. Excellent!"
Jan 24 2011, 20:19 PMby Anonymous
"Amazing service, quick delivery, excellent product. The lanterns were so easy to assemble, very straightforward. Beautiful to see how nice it gently floats and fly into the sky. Magical!! I would recommend 100% the product, the company and their service. Thanks a million!"
Jan 16 2011, 23:54 PMby Caterina
"Very good to do business with you - arrived within 3 days. Lit two lanterns - they are very well made - one went up forever the other burnt and died very quickly - must have just been a Friday one!"
Dec 30 2010, 18:18 PMby Joy
"Great product and great service. I launched the lanterns with my 2 daughters and sent a wish with them for Santa to come. My children loved them. It was a clear, frosty, snowy night and the lanterns looked beautiful in the clear night sky. Thrilled with them. They do need 2 people to hold them whilst lighting."
Dec 07 2010, 21:07 PMby Anonymous
"I bought these for christmas with the family and they made a really beautiful end to the day as the folk left we let the balloon off and some could see it 10 minutes later ! My great neice bought a white one and at the end of the wake for my Uncle Frank again we let one go after we had all written our own message on it, at the end of the evening and it was a very special moment for all of us."
Aug 19 2010, 18:58 PMby Stephanie Esdale
"Fantastic, value for money and good service, we buy lanterns every year for birthdays or just a family get together, and everyone is always very impressed."
Aug 08 2010, 12:48 PMby Helen Kelly
"I have ordered the traditional white sky lanterns twice. On both occasions they made the perfect end to a celebratory evening. Highly recommended and prompt service. The Garden Candle Bags are great too!"
Aug 05 2010, 17:23 PMby Anonymous
"They were great. We will try them again and be a bit more patient and wait for a stiller evening, as they took off at a 45 degree angle and disappeared over the cemetery within a couple of minutes."
Aug 05 2010, 09:04 AMby Paul Green
"These lanterns are very good,i've ordered several times now and had great sucess with them.I've seen ones at a cheap store in town but they have a very small fuel cell and don't fly very far.And also night sky lanterns are very prompt with there orders too."
Aug 04 2010, 21:07 PMby steve.
"Dear Sir/Madam The lanterns you supplied were for our Granddaughters 14th Birthday, where she had some 30 guests, who all camped on the land belonging to their parents which runs by the canal. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the highlight of the evening was letting off the 30 lanterns during dusk. Thank you for your prompt delivery and superb website. Best Wishes John & Jane Youde"
Aug 04 2010, 21:03 PMby John Youde
"A magical ending to my daughters 21st Birthday Party - 21 Lanterns lighting up the sky!!!!"
Aug 04 2010, 21:01 PMby Trisha
"My mum and I ordered a box of lilies and later a mixed box of lilies and lanterns as we had so much fun when my mother purchased lanterns some months back for a birthday party. The lilies are beautiful but are not at all suited to a lake setting. If there is any wind at all - they just topple over and sink and your heart sinks with them as you are watching your money drown and it can happen in seconds. They are well suited to smaller, controlled water events or displays - such as on a pool when no-one is in it or in large bowls or a pond or just positioned around a patio, i.e. not in water. They look stunning. The lanterns are the big success though based on past experience. We are going to have a Perseid Meteor shower party soon and fly some lanterns. Can't wait. Delivery was speedy - within 2 days. Very impressed."
Aug 04 2010, 21:00 PMby Kate
"I recently purchased 6 Sky Lanterns for the family to celebrate Fathers Day. It was what i can only decscribe as a truly magical moment as we watched the Lanterns float up to the sky together. It left us all with a tear in our eye as we remembered our Father who lost his battle with cancer months before. I highly recommend these lanterns to all, you will not be dissapointed!!"
Aug 04 2010, 18:48 PMby Mrs Evans
"Super fast delivery and the lanterns are superb.even better than described"
Aug 04 2010, 18:36 PMby Paul
"Super fast delivery and the lanterns are superb.even better than described"
Aug 04 2010, 18:36 PMby Paul
"Super fast delivery and the lanterns are superb.even better than described"
Aug 04 2010, 18:36 PMby Paul
"The first time I ordered my lanterns was for a special birthday treat. I knew someone who had got them for New Year and everyone was buzzing about it after. My gift was a surprise (though I did ring a very appreciative Coastguard office to let them know what I was doing in my area. We had a lantern for everyone at the party and it was magical - it just made our night. I been back for more since. The Night Sky Lanterns service was pexcellent and I would recommend them to anyone."
Aug 04 2010, 17:59 PMby Margo
"I first ordered these lanterns last year [2009] when my son decided to return to the U.K. to get married. His futere bride to be is Italian by birth, so i guessed we would be entertaining some soon to be Italian relatives.I knew my future daughter in law had lost her father a few years earlier in a terrible road accident in the tuscany hillside. I was very much aware this would be a happy but difficult time for her family. At this point i decided that on the evening of the wedding day, i would give each member of her family a little piece of paper to attach to a lantern so they could send their own message skyward. There were many tears, but a lot of love in the air that night and my new family have never stopped thanking me for the thoughtful gesture. My husband and i are about to fly out to Tenerife this week to join my son and daughter in law to celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary, and guess what we will be taking with us? That's right NIGHT SKY LANTERNS"
Feb 28 2010, 15:26 PMby Anonymous
"Magical end to a lovely day. Thank you."
Feb 27 2010, 07:37 AMby Anonymous
"They float, diminish, become indistinguishable from the distant stars, then, without warning, disappear. Magic!"
Feb 19 2010, 15:54 PMby Anonymous
"What can I add that hasn't been said, fabulous"
Jan 12 2010, 23:46 PMby Dave East
"Great product, so pretty and really easy to use. A fantastic and safe alternative to fireworks. They made our New Year's Eve so special and what was great is that we only ordered them the day before and with the express service they were really reliable and arrived on time for our celebrations. What's not to like?"
Jan 11 2010, 13:04 PMby Misty
"I ordered these lanterns for New Year very late in december, not expecting them to arrive in time, but they did. I was really impressed with the speed and service of this company. The lanterns were great too."
Jan 10 2012, 10:29 AMby Anonymous
"The lanterns were fantastic-quite magical to watch and nice to know we weren't polluting with fireworks. They were a great success."
Jan 11 2010, 11:45 AMby C Chivers
"And it was! Thankyou so much for the quick delivery, rec'd the next day and ready to us for the new year celebrations. All enjoyed and our guests thought it was a truly magical touch! Thanks again"
Jan 10 2010, 15:38 PMby Anonymous
Comment: ALL LIT UP
"First. Postal packaging was superb. Customer service: exceptional. New Year's Eve would not have been so special had it not been for the Sky By Night Lanterns. Too few companies bring infectious smiles on childrens' faces these day. Adults too of course. Thank you. I will have no hesitation in dealing with your coompany again"
Jan 08 2010, 18:04 PMby Ron Ellis
"I bought these just as an experiment for New Years Eve this year. They arrive next day as per the order. They were packaged well and the instructions were clear and concise. They made New Years' Eve so magical this year. I think we will be doing the same every year now and my sister now wants to do the same for her wedding. It is such a lovely idea. Thank you NightSky Lanterns."
Jan 08 2010, 15:38 PMby Caroline
"Nice, big and pretty!!"
Jan 08 2010, 14:45 PMby Mairead
"I ordered my sky lanterns on the internet site on Boxing Day and they arrived by courier car on 30th December, what brilliant service. The lanterns were well packed and came with instructions. We used them on New Years Eve, they were a great success so much better that fireworks. Thank you Night Sky Lanterns."
Jan 07 2010, 12:56 PMby Anonymous
"Great service, fab lanterns.The bast way to bring in the new year, we all had a great time writing wishes and messages to loved ones on them before lighting them and let them go.They were far better than next doors fireworks! Will be ordering more for that summer bar-b-q. thank you"
Jan 07 2010, 09:49 AMby lou little
"Prompt delivery and made New Years Eve magical. We watched the lanterns float up to the moon!They were excellent!"
Jan 07 2010, 09:16 AMby Anonymous
"We ordered these for a News Years Days party, they arrived within 48hours and according to our guests made the party simply magical! They certainly were a great way to start the New Year - encouraging everyone to make a silent wish as they let go of their lantern."
Jan 06 2010, 20:53 PMby Anonymous
"We ordered the lanterns as a wee surprise for our guests at our New Year party, which we set off just after the bells - they were awesome - everyone loved them!!! Can't believe how good they were - well worth the money!!! We will definitely be ordering them again :)"
Jan 06 2010, 10:33 AMby Lesley
"The pack of six Chinese lanterns made our Hagmanay party really special. As promised they were delivered very promptly. Each lantern delivered four rounds of excitement. Firstly getting the wax burner lit, then the anticipation as the air inside warmed up, then watching the lantern take to the air as if by magic and finally the amazement as the lantern drifts higher and further away until it's out of sight. Each one lanched perfecly. I'd thoroughly recommend them to anybody with a bit of open space available. I shall be back for more!"
Jan 05 2010, 16:59 PMby John P
"I ordered some lanterns for NYE, the order despite the Christmas rush arrived promptly. I thought the lantern quality was excellent and everyone thought they were a great way to start 2010 with a NY wish!"
Jan 04 2010, 06:41 AMby Anonymous
"Good service on delivery. The lanterns did all that I expected of them and very good value. Thanks"
Jan 03 2010, 18:06 PMby David Brown
"Wonderful products - a magnificent and poignant lantern on Christmas Day to mark remembrance for my wonderful brother. Fast delivery, easily constructed a great idea and great service."
Jan 03 2010, 14:23 PMby JJ
"Truly stunning - bought these for New Year and it seemed a few other people in the town had the same idea - it was magical to watch. I wish I had thought of them for my recent wedding."
Jan 03 2010, 10:25 AMby Jen
"What an absolute delight you are to deal with ! I will be using you again and have no hesitation in recommending you to both my friends and readers of this review. Many thanks"
Jan 03 2010, 09:29 AMby Glyn Pessol
"The service was great, order on the Wednesday, delivered on Friday. Easy to use. Take extra extra care if it's windy...."
Jan 02 2010, 11:22 AMby Jayne
"I ordered some white sky lanterns just a few days before christmas for my husband, but didn't expect them to arrive until new year. They arrived the next day!! This site has them at excellent prices and my husband absolutely loves them. We set one off on Xmas evening. It looked fantastic and must have made a few people wonder what they were looking at."
Jan 02 2010, 06:02 AMby Anna
Comment: AMAZING
"i ordered the lattterns and was afraid i wouldnt receive them in time for xmas they came within 3 days of ordering they were amaazing thank you so much will be ordering more from you in the near future thank you"
Jan 01 2010, 23:49 PMby rosemary smith
"Bought these lanterns for Christmas Day, to remember loved relatives. They were amazing, much,much larger than I thought they would be and we saw these rise and drift away until a tiny speck in the sky. Was afraid they would blow away quite fast but they were perfect, and it was a little windy too. The children thought they were fantastic - I would definately recommend, they are very easy to light and look so beautiful in the sky. Shall be buying again."
Dec 31 2009, 10:07 AMby Maria
"I ordered these for my wifes funeral/celebration of life. My fears that they would not arrive in time were proved unfounded, very prompt shipment. The site of the lanterns floating off into the cold night sky was very moving indeed."
Dec 21 2009, 22:18 PMby Conhari
"The lanterns were great! worked really well and was everything the site claimed them to be. Service was very quick too, I was so pleased i am goin to buy a batch of 100 for an event"
Dec 20 2009, 17:50 PMby emma nichols
"We sent 25 White Sky Lanterns into the Cornish sky last night and all our guests were absolutely enthralled. Each person tied a personal 'wish' to the lantern (a small luggage tag does the trick). It really started our Christmas off well and got everyone in a truly Festive mood. Thank you Night Sky Lanterns."
Dec 20 2009, 11:38 AMby Pudsey
"I wanted to order some lanterns to light on Christmas Eve in memory of my Mum who died in February this year. I found the website easy to use, really liked the pens and LED Tea Lights being offered alongside the product I chose and was delighted that the lanterns arrived a couple of days later as promised. Thanks"
Dec 15 2009, 09:34 AMby Suzie
"An absolutely fantastic evening! These lanterns are without doubt the most eye catching and effective additon to any event. They're easy to use, they look great and the company itself is fast, efficient and provide nothing but the best when it comes to customer service. Our event involved releasing 200 lanterns which floated up and also created a great talking point in and around the town as they snaked off through the sky. Brilliant for kids as they don\\\\\\'t bang and are not dangerous like fireworks. Some people were setting them off in memory of loved ones for which they also add that that special extra touch. 10/10 Thank you!!"
Dec 02 2009, 16:44 PMby Richard North
"This is the first time we have used NightSkyLanterns - brilliant, excellent comms, quick delivery, great product - thank you. Highly recommended AAA+++"
Dec 01 2009, 17:14 PMby Graham Smith
"Thank you for sending my lanterns so promptly. We haven't tried them yet but they look well made and well packaged. Regards Martyn Davies"
Nov 29 2009, 08:58 AMby Martyn Davies
"These are a fantastic product - so magical to watch float away into the night. The kids (and adults) are amazed by them! Make great presents - I've just got a load for teachers, a 40th birthday and for New Year. Good idea for secret santa pressie. We set orange and green ones off at halloween!. We had a different brand for another supplier las year and they took ages to light - these are a lot quicker - nice and big aswell."
Nov 27 2009, 12:55 PMby Sue
"I ordered my lanterns on Monday late morning and they were delivered on Tuesday. Absolutely fantastic.Thank you"
Nov 20 2009, 07:48 AMby Anonymous
"I ordered some lanterns for a birthday present for a friend. I was very impressed with the efficiency and speed of delivery. Many thanks. Marilyn Matthews"
Nov 18 2009, 10:06 AMby Marilyn Matthews
"We lit and launched our sky lanterns on Bonfire night and despite a bit of a breeze they ascended beautifully much to the amazement of our friends and children. We would definately buy them again as they were easy to light, looked impressive when they were lit in the garden and of course you can't take your eye off them as they travel on their heavenly journey (c) David Cubbin"
Nov 14 2009, 14:09 PMby Anonymous
"I recently used the laterns as part of a 'hospitality event' and they were stunning!!! amazing end to a night and much better than fireworks. i then took the left over ones home and my children were amazed! i will be buying some more for my own Chrsitmas event now!"
Nov 13 2009, 10:48 AMby Anonymous
Comment: WOW
"Very good service. Arrived is a matter of days. 1st class!! Will reorder and recomend to friends."
Nov 13 2009, 02:54 AMby Chris
"The lanterns were delivered within 24 hours, very easy to assemble & lots of fun to set off & watch. We have now joined the many lantern lovers across the country. Thanks"
Nov 12 2009, 18:36 PMby Debs
"Arrived within 2 days (DHL) even though there was a postal strike. Really good letting them all off together. Will be ordering again"
Nov 12 2009, 14:41 PMby Martin Greer
"The fun these gave was greater than expectations! Not sure if neighbours didn't report UFO's. Will definately be ordering more."
Nov 12 2009, 13:51 PMby Jenny
"Excellent service and the lanterns were delivered the next day! Lanterns were easy to use and perfect."
Nov 10 2009, 16:20 PMby Tania
"Wow - they were fantastic, only downer was that it was quite windy so they took off and went up really fast, and obviously the weather was to blame here!. Bet they would look really stunning on a clear, windless evening. I will definately be purchasing again for another celebration, Christmas, Birthday's etc etc - any excuse really !."
Nov 10 2009, 11:41 AMby Anonymous
"First class service, lanterns arrived the next day. Superb."
Nov 10 2009, 09:08 AMby Anonymous
"Service was prompt. Product was excellent & the price was the best we could find. Very impressed. Overall 10/10. Thanks."
Nov 09 2009, 21:28 PMby Mr Burton
"These arrived asap making my extra postage worth the cost despite the postal strike!! I bought these for a childrens halloween party and those little faces loved the 'balloons' going off into the night sky. Great value for money so it made my hunt on the internet worthwhile. I've already forwarded the details of your website following requests from spell bound parents. One downside was that a couple of the lanterns had been cut by the wire frame but still worked well - just didn't look as pretty. They're individually packed so if it does start to rain the unused ones are protected by cellophane and good to go another day. I've saved some for new year's eve. I also also ordered some candle lantern bags which gave a lovely glow to our steps leading to the house and made it extra spooky on halloween. They did topple over so next time I may try some builders sand in them. Hopefully they're reusable if a little scorched in places but I can always order some more..........."
Nov 09 2009, 16:07 PMby Angela
"These sky lanterns are so easy to use, thay look superb in flight."
Nov 09 2009, 09:28 AMby m mrzyglod
"We ordered 6 sky lanterns for bonfire night, and they arrived very quickly. We had decided to use these for our small party, along with sparklers, a bonfire and toasted marshmallows! The small children were enchanted - and everyone described the evening as 'magical'."
Nov 09 2009, 09:21 AMby Simone
"Your Candle Lanterns and Sky lanterns were a lovely Finishing surprise at My Son and Daughter-in-laws Wedding on Halloween none of the guests had ever seen anything like it and were really taken with the display. Thankyou"
Nov 08 2009, 22:00 PMby Anonymous
"Bought these for the first time for Halloween and I just wish I had known about them earlier. Thoroughly enjoyed and loved by the whole family aged 2 to 92. Great alternative to fireworks, especially when there is young ears around that tend to be startled by the bang of a firework. We weren't allowed fireworks at our wedding reception but setting off a number of these at the same time would have been quite beautiful and personl as each table could have written their own message. Will definately be back for more. Thank you."
Nov 08 2009, 21:17 PMby D Dixon
"absolutely fantastic!!! they made our childrens bonfire night amazing!!!! will definately buy them again."
Nov 06 2009, 10:23 AMby sam golding
"Many thanks nightskylanterns, very well priced, and very fast delivery especially as the postal stikes are going on!, launched with some friends all together, looked fantastic, not one failure and a great talking point for years to come no doubt! Cheers James"
Nov 06 2009, 08:28 AMby James Silvester
"I have a couple of neices that hate traditional fireworks because of the noise so decided to try the lanterns. They went down a storm because they got to decorate them and then watch them float off in the night sky. We had cheering, clapping, oohhs and aahhs. Defintely recommend them as they are eco, pet and children friendly (as in you light them obviously) MAGICIAL, the kids have gone to bed with massive smiles and can guarantee they will be arguing in the morning as to who's got the furtherest."
Nov 05 2009, 21:27 PMby Jules
"For a 40th birthday party with a witches and wizzards theame these night sky lanterns added the magic to the party they were simple to use very impressive, all ages groups watched with delight as they left the hands of the birthday boy and enter the night sky and traveled beyond eyedsight .They were sent very quickly and i would not hesitate to use this company again Keep up the good work (will order some more for christams and new year )"
Nov 05 2009, 20:59 PMby mrs e l Hilldrup
"I ordered these for my daughter's birthday party. They arrived very quickly, and everyone loved them. My husband keeps reminding me how good they were, so I think he wants me to order some for his birthday! I will definitely order again."
Nov 05 2009, 11:31 AMby Lisa Williams
"I bought the 40th birthday pack for a surprise party, not only was the birthday boy amazed, so were all the guests in fact they all commented on how large each lantern was, how easy they were to put together, and how beautiful they looked in the sky. I have even given your web address to other guests, and I know that some of them have already placed orders for their own parties. Delivery was quick and efficient, and I will definately be using you in the future. Cannot recommend enough to everyone considering using this company."
Nov 03 2009, 14:15 PMby Marie
"Really quick and uncomplicated service - with e-mail notifications of the order status and delivery within 2 days even in the postal strike chaos meant that we were confirdent we'd receive our order in time to take the lanterns with us on holiday - the lanterns were good quality and everyone enjoyed watching them disappear into the night sky! Thank you!"
Nov 02 2009, 10:05 AMby Emma
"Delivery was quick and all lanterns were good quality so very happy!"
Nov 01 2009, 12:37 PMby Mr David Adams
"Absolutely fabulous! Three grown men very sceptical indeed .... no longer! Much fun had by all, by night and then by day when we were able to follow the lanterns' progress even further. Delivery was extremely fast too. Thank you."
Oct 31 2009, 22:01 PMby Jane
"Absolutely fabulous! Three grown men very sceptical indeed .... no longer! Much fun had by all, by night and then by day when we were able to follow the lanterns' progress even further. Delivery was extremely fast too. Thank you."
Oct 31 2009, 21:56 PMby Jane
"We bought sky lanterns to begin our evening wedding reception and they we a huge success. They were fantastic, gliding off into the night sky. All our guests loved them, the place was filled with laughter as they flew up in the air - it was a bit windy when we did it but it added to the fun. They are pefect for bringing people together and created a magical atmosphere. They were delivered quickly and i will definately be buying more for future events. Why buy expensive fireworks when you can get something that means everyone joins in and is something a bit special that people will remember forever."
Oct 31 2009, 18:16 PMby Gill
"Delighted with our white lanterns. Once we had mastered the art of setting them off they sailed into the clear night sky without any difficulty. Friends and neighbours were also impressed and have asked for your website details to order for the future! Many thanks for prompt delivery and full assembly and lighting instructions."
Oct 30 2009, 15:19 PMby Anonymous
"Totally fabulous!!! Added a very special, magical, fun touch to my 30th birthday party, enjoyable for all ages. The lanterns were of an excellent quality, packed well with simple instructions and arrived within 2 days of order being placed. I have had many requests for your web address which i have recommended with pleasure and will be using again myself in the near future."
Oct 28 2009, 23:38 PMby Sarah Dutton
"Totaly brilliant service turned up the day after we ordered them. Can't wait to give every one a lantern on boxing day and set them off over the sea. Thanks again for what will hopefully be a magic moment"
Oct 19 2009, 13:41 PMby J. Cowper Smith
"Absolutely outstanding!!!! Will recommend to everyone i know. Will be in touch at Xmas & New year and again in May for a special birthday. They really do take your breath away and are amazing to watch. Thoroughly enjoyable for all ages ..Thank you"
Oct 18 2009, 14:28 PMby Anonymous
"I recently purchased the traditional white sky lantern to be part of my mother 70th birthday dinner party. We had a interlude between courses to light the sky lanterns. It was a beautiful calm night and they went up beautifully and we were able to see them for miles. Everyone commented on how fabulous they were."
Oct 13 2009, 10:56 AMby Anonymous
"The service was excellent, and the ordering on-line easy. The order arrived a day later by courier, in a stout box, and the instructions were simple and clear. The quality is wonderful too. We have only sent one up into the heavens so far, and it was both fun and very simple, and all just went like clockwork. We shall certainly buy from you again, and we much prefer this as a means of celebration over noisy dangerous fireworks. Chris"
Oct 09 2009, 14:53 PMby Anonymous
"The lanterns arrived within a couple of days neatly packaged and very cheap compared to a friend who purchased them from another on-line store. Unfortunately I could not use them on the night of my friend's birthday as there was 70mph+ gale force winds which would have been dangerous but, we still have six to use on Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas, New year... the list goes on. A good buy!"
Oct 09 2009, 07:33 AMby S Dennis
"Have received my sky lanterns only a few days after ordering them. Many thanks. I cant wait to use them!"
Oct 07 2009, 09:25 AMby Anonymous
  SOOPER SKY LANTERNS !!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Our first time using the lanterns and they were above and beyond our expectations. Ordering was easy, postage was quick and instructions were clear. The kids loved watching a "hot air balloon" every evening. A nice touch to our holiday we will remember for a long time. Thanks guys."
Oct 06 2009, 10:23 AMby Leanne
"I have had the good fortune to fly in real hot air balloon and it was the best experience of my life. Where i live hot air balloons fly over regularly and my 4yr old grandson who lives with me is fascinated. As i think he is too young to actually experience the real thing yet i perused the web and found this site. I ordered my lanterns immediately adn eagerly anticipated their arrival. When they came we could not wait to set one free and it was a beautiful experience. I wanted to watch the lantern for ever!!!! If it had been posible i would have tied a piece of string to the lantern to bring it back as i felt quite sad when it floated away then began its decent still fully intact and beautiful. My grandson just kept sayng 'wow nanna wow!!!' He went to bed that night with a huge smile on his face. It lifted my spirits and we are going to order some halloween ones very shortly. Thank you so much for enabling us to have this experience. No we are not saddos!!!!! JUst try them yourself and see how it makes you feel. Cheryl and Tor"
Oct 05 2009, 21:02 PMby Cheryl McLoughlin
"My daughter wanted a really low-key 21st birthday where the focus wasn't on her. I wanted the occasion marked in a special way that would still meet with her wishes. Ordered Chinese lanterns which were delivered quickly and made the night perfect. Everybody had some to light whih meant the focus wasn't on her and watching them float gemtly off into the night sky was just stunning. They were a big hit with the guests and with my daughter and truly marked the occasion as special. Thank you."
Oct 01 2009, 09:03 AMby meg
"great product from a great company,super fast delivery great !!!"
Sep 20 2009, 12:13 PMby mark
"These lanterns are great , easy to use. great fun when having a party. everyone rushed to write a massage on them, i would recommend them to everyone, a extra to any function.. this was my 50th. and everyone loved them,and the prices are good ,so much fun for so little, (hard to find these days.) thanks again, sky lanterns, I will be buying again for sure, and maybe try some larger ones,.. ta ta..the clownman.."
Sep 17 2009, 21:28 PMby The clownman
"fab product, lovely high quality.. Very very fast delivery. will order again soon, many thanks"
Sep 17 2009, 14:57 PMby Anonymous
"These are really fab. Easy to use and so magical when they float off onto the sky. Great quality and very, very fast delivery. Will order again and again. Highly recommended and many thanks!."
Sep 17 2009, 14:51 PMby sarah
"I ordered 6 traditional sky lanterns, worked perfectly. Delivery took 1 week, which was fine as it was free. I just expected it quicker as it was First Class post but that was down to Royal Mail."
Sep 10 2009, 19:55 PMby Garry
"I Recieved my package promptly and soon after launched my first one,very pleased with it and the company.Regards Neil"
Sep 10 2009, 07:21 AMby Neil Culverhouse
"i bought these lanterns for an anniaversary of a death as i thought like the soul they fly away. i also used them for my kids birthdays as they are great for any special occassion, i will defo buy them again they are great"
Sep 08 2009, 16:11 PMby yvonne
"We used sky lanterns to end our magical wedding day. Guests watched from the roof of the wonderful Halswell House as lanterns majestically swooped past. It was exceptionally emotional and the image of the chain of lanterns heading their way north towards Wales will stay with us forever. Thank you nightskylanterns."
Sep 07 2009, 09:55 AMby Glenn Sontag & Bernard Horrocks
"Having used lanterns from different suppliers on a number of past occasions it was a pleasant surprise to find what a quality product Night Sky lanterns are. The paper feels like luxury cotton and the fuel cell was very easy to light enabling a number of lanterns to be ready to launch at once rather than having to wait for each fuel cell to eventually catch. A top product at a price comparable to ones of lesser quality, will definitely purchase again."
Sep 06 2009, 18:49 PMby Mik Taylor
"Took a pack of 6 of your lanterns camping this weekend and they were not only a hit with my friends but several of the other campers were amazed as well!! They are easy to use and a great party piece and there were lots if ooohs and aaaahs as they drifted away. Thank you!"
Sep 01 2009, 09:24 AMby Hazel Turner
"Just received my 'sky lanterns' and felt I had to write to let others considering to use your service to say how easy, quick and efficient, presentation of product you are. I wanted to be organized and unfotunately I won't be using my Lanterns until next May as we are asking our Wedding Guests to write message before sending off into the sky as wishes. So we are very excited that they have arrived and looking forward to using them.... i promise i will send a review and also some pictures next year!. Vikki, from Wiltshire"
Aug 28 2009, 16:03 PMby Vikki
"I have just returned from a family holiday on the East Anglian Coast, where we were thinking of having a night of fireworks - costing approx £500. But without proper permission for the display I decided to buy a package of Traditional Sky Lanterns and a box of Glow Sticks - approx £50. The fun, enjoyment, wonder and awe out shone any fire works show, and was available for more than one night to many more people. At the end of each night we let off a number of lanterns for friends and guests that had joined us, and each time people were enthralled to watch as these simple lanterns became the focus of everyones attention. Another night when we had over 20 children, we got them all to sign their names on various lantern and then armed with numerous glow sticks we headed for the beach. Again the fun and wonder of watching the lanterns drift off over the ocean was wonderful - almost as good as the look on the kids faces as they watched transfixed until the lanterns went out or couldn't be seen anymore. We even heard people discussing 'the lanterns' the next day in the local Post Office. I think some of the best things of these lanterns are, The simplicity of use Under supervision anyone can 'fly' a lantern Both adults and children will enjoy A great way of getting a party in one place The dreams and discussions the lanterns inspire as they fly away Unlike fireworks, sometimes one IS enough And the amount of fun compared to the cost is more than worth it. The ability to tell worried parents that they are both flame retardant and biodegradable I would recommend Sky Lanterns to anyone having a party, meeting, wedding or any celebrations."
Aug 26 2009, 18:36 PMby Dave King
"What a lovely experience, we let ours go on the beach adults and children together, it was a memorable and magic moment, we were not dissapointed. :))"
Aug 26 2009, 10:49 AMby Tara Lupton
"Fantastic service was topped off by stunning lanterns. We used them to mark the 1 year anniversary of my husband's death, and they were absolutely perfect. We're already talking about getting them in much bigger quantaties for other occassions. I can't recommend them highly enough!"
Aug 10 2009, 18:41 PMby Anonymous
"Tried them out for the first time at a family BBQ this w/e & they were a great success . I would add you do need PERFECT conditions ie zero wind . I tried one a previous night when there appeared to be no wind but the slightest breeze blows them quickly out of sight . Either that or use in very open landscape ."
Aug 10 2009, 10:52 AMby Martyn
"These are just awesome!! First saw them at a friends wedding and immediately got some for the daughter's 21st. They soar for what looks like miles and then one by one just flicker and are gone. These made a great statement and are just perfect for any occasion. I'm also going to get some for my mum's 90th! So much better than fireworks and even those in wheelchairs can be involved with no risk. Can't rate them highly enough. Worth every penny just for the stunned faces!"
Aug 07 2009, 10:23 AMby Mrs Janet Cooke
"The Lanterns were the icing on the cake for my birthday celebretions, everyone thought they were great. Many thanks."
Aug 06 2009, 08:42 AMby Jackie
"They were simply amazing and were the icing on our special day!"
Aug 03 2009, 11:51 AMby Adrian Calver
"I recently purchased 20 traditional lanterns , as my family interned my dad's ashes into the family grave,and I can honestly say the lanterns turned this what was a very sad event ,into the most moving, poignant and memorable occasion that I have experienced . The whole family wrote messages of love to my dad ,and then we each in turn lit the lanterns and let them off one at a time .So thank you so much !!!Part of me wants to keep the lanterns a secret, as people can't believe how beautiful they are, but the other part of me wants to tell everyone to get some for any celebration or occasion.I shall be definately be using them again and again ."
Aug 02 2009, 23:32 PMby clare
"First class service. Goods arrived within 48 hrs well packaged. The lanters were built well and after reading the clear and concise instructions, they all launched beautifully. It was worth being eaten by our voracious Scottish midgies as we watched them disappear up in the heavens. We should have bought more!"
Jul 27 2009, 21:59 PMby John Young
"We released some lanterns as a finale to my retirement party. The weather was perfect, and we were able to let the lanterns go over the field at the end of our street. The guests all loved it. Most had never seen them before. I would definiely do it again. Very good value."
Jul 22 2009, 16:56 PMby Rosie
"Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, went down a storm! really the evening - you defo be getting lots more orders from my friends -"
Jul 22 2009, 10:54 AMby Anonymous
"I needed my lanterns for a birthday so when I enquired about shipment and delivery times the guys at Night Sky Lanterns were brilliant to get back to you - can't wait to let them all off and definitely use you guys again! Thanks so much!!!"
Jul 17 2009, 09:33 AMby Georgie
"We had a 4th July party and let off red, which & blue flire lanterns which looked great. The service from Night Sky Lanterns is first class. Would not hesitate to buy from them again."
Jul 09 2009, 17:03 PMby Anonymous
"I bought these lanterns for a wedding I was attending as a nice way to finish off the evening. They went down an absolute storm as it was something that everyone could get involved in - including the Bride and Groom. They are so easy to use, and look fantastic. So many people asked where I got them from and said they will be buying them for other events in the future!I would definitely recommend these lanterns to EVERYBODY as they are really simple but look amazing and are a great way to get everyone together and share in an experience. :D"
Jul 09 2009, 10:08 AMby Emily
"Oh my goodness! What a fantastic surprise these make. During our wedding reception we launched 5 of your White Traditional Lanterns to celebrate my aunts 50th birthday (no naff helium allowed). It was around 9.30pm on the 6th and we launched them from the inside of the Earthouse at the Ancient Technology Centre, Cranborne, Dorset (where Anthony works and we had our reception). They majestically floated out through the hole in the roof and then took-off in a gust once clear of the building. We thought they were done-for, as it was rather windy, but after lighting them all we dashed outside and saw all 5 of them drifting off over the Dorset countryside. Wonderful! I know lighting them inside a building sounds ludicrous, but I’m hoping some friends will post their photo’s of the launch and you’ll be able to see that this building is quite unique and lighting them inside to watch them float up and out through the hole in the roof is quite the natural thing to do. I’ve certainly had a lot of requests asking where I got them and have been passing on the Night Sky details. Free P&P and the excellent speedy delivery has meant I’ve just placed another order for a few more this time… Best wishes, Angelbright (aka The new Mrs Clair Anderson-Brown!)"
Jun 19 2009, 13:48 PMby Angelbright
"I got my sky lanterns for my mums anniversary of her death as it had been 10 years so I let off a lantern for every year. They are fantastic and I also had them on new years eve. Thanks!"
Jun 06 2009, 12:43 PMby Anonymous
"I would just to like to say how great these lanterns were, I purchased them for my Brothers Funeral we lit them with the family and children once it had gone dark yesterday, and they made a wonderful tribute to him as they floated off into the sky. Really great service and hope to be using them again in happier times. Thankyou for your speedy delivery xx"
May 28 2009, 20:00 PMby karen ewing
"My lanterns took 5 days to arrive (including the weekend) so keep this in mind if you have an event coming up. I ordered 10 to mark our 10th wedding anniversary and handed them out to party guests. It was a perfectly still evening and each one took off without a hitch (excuse the pun). Easy to use and really made everyone feel like they were part of something special, mainly the fear of burning down someone's house (kidding). Will definitely get them again - the buzz lasted longer than any fireworks!"
May 05 2009, 22:24 PMby Kay McMahon
"I ordered the lanterns for my son's 30th birthday. I was so pleased they arrived so quickly and he was thrilled with his unusual present! Thank you for your prompt and eficient service!"
Apr 27 2009, 07:36 AMby Anonymous
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