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Event Support Night Sky Lanterns Fest

Night Sky Lanterns® Fest
The unique and spectacular display of lanterns flying in to the night sky

Night Sky Lanterns® Fest is the one and only event where the audience becomes the protagonist
With our expertise and passion for sky lanterns, we have turned the night sky of millions of people in to a magical, unforgettable and emotional experience. With the supervision of our trained personnel, the public will be the protagonist in the launch of spectacular displays of hundreds or thousands of sky lanterns that illuminate the immensity of the night sky.

Sky lanterns events are not only beautiful to watch and participate, but they are also the most ethical and eco-friendly alternative. In addition, our eco-friendly sky lanterns can be also personalised with photos, message, brand logo or any artwork to create a unique spectacle every time.

Last be not least, we will ensure that after the even, all lanterns used at the event will be picked up and recycled to fully respect the environment and the surrounding area.

Night Sky Lanterns® Fest can be hosted to promote new businesses, corporate and Charities fundraising events, festivals, concerts, fashion catwalks, sport events, weddings and birthdays, private parties and festivities, religious traditions and memorials, white/pink/red nights, film production and any other event to godsmack your guests.

To ensure maximum reliability, we only use our branded Premium Sky Lanterns which are made with high quality materials to guarantee an excellent result at every event. Premium Sky Lanterns fully comply with the Industry Code of Practice - Sky Lanterns - issued by the UK Trading Standards Institute.
17 gm2 and non-flammable paper - 100% biodegradable & wire free - Eco-Friendly – Asbestos free - Non-toxic & Odour free
Non-drip and Easy to light fuel cell - Pre-assembled and individually wrapped – Up to 20 minutes flying time

Amazing Night Sky Lanterns Fest in United Kingdom and around the World
This fantastic Night Sky Lanterns Fest can be hosted throughout the UK or abroad or anywhere we are invited, like on a cruiser.

We will take care of the entire preparation, including the identification of the most suitable site according to the number of participants/lanterns, and where necessary, we will also request the authorizations from the Authorities, such as local Council, Aviation and Coastguard Authorities, so that everything is planed ahead and everything organised with “safety first”.

The launch will be supervised and coordinated by our assistants and trained staff, who before authorising the synchronised launch, will ascertain that the meteorological situation is suitable for the event and we will confirm that air space is clear from aviation traffic. Once everything has been assessed, our assistants will do a practical demonstration and instruct your guests for the execution of the synchronised release of hundreds or thousands of lanterns simultaneously. If required we can also provide a sound system according to the size of the event which will accompany the launch with music and symphonies to enhance this magical experience.

Hosting the magical Night Sky Lanterns® Fest at your event
If you are interested to host the Night Sky Lanterns Fest at your event, then you're at the right place. We guarantee that all your guests will be amazed and it will be a unique moment to remember forever.
We can provide assistance for Weddings, Birthday, Anniversary, Charity and Fundraising events, Concerts, Religious recurrences and films production. For public and fundraising events with selling option, we can offer our assistance free of charge.
For a quote and to discuss the details of the event, please click on the photo below.

Dates of the Night Sky Lanterns Fest in UK and abroad
Spark the magic Night with our Sky Lanterns and make a wish!
16/07/2015 Moena (Trento) Italy
Night Sky Lanterns Show at the Fairy’s Night in the Alps - Wishing good luck to the Italian football team Fiorentina for the 2015 Champion league at 23:00 in collaboration with nonsololanterne.com
More Info

23/12/2014 Terlizzi (Bari) Italy
Release your lantern and make a wish this Christmas" Night Sky Lanterns Show collective Launch of the wishing lanterns in collaboration with nonsololanterne.com approx. 23:00

23/11/2014 Bruino (Torino) Italy
We invite you to YOUR PARTY! Sunday, November 23, 2014 We will meet from 15 :00 at Peace Square in Bruino (To) (Market Square) for the launch of the wishing lanterns in association with unacarrozzinapergiulietta and with the collaboration of nonsololanterne.com

15/10/2014 Muro Lucano (Potenza) Italy
2014 Edition of the "Night of Light", a show of lights, sounds, music and dance in one prayer dedicated to St. Gerardo Majella.
27/09/2014 San Marino (Republic of San Marino)
RSM "Federazione Sammarinese Sport Special" Event free for everyone - Night Sky Lanterns Show We wish your dream come true
21/09/2014 Rome Italy
Night Sky Lanterns® Show at the Royal Wedding of Prince Lorenzo De Medici and Rosemary Johnson - We hope your dreams come true soon! - in collaboration with nonsololanterne.com
More Info
07/09/2014 Mantignana (Perugia) Italy
Festival of Chicken all'arrabiata" Come to make your wish! 23:00 approx.
09/06/2014 Golf Club Monticello, Cassina Rizzardi (Como), Italy
Forever in Love - 50Th Wedding Aniversary of Christine and George  

30/08/2014 Roma Italy
Night Sky Lanterns supplied for the Italian Film - The most beautiful school in the world – “La Scuola piú bella del Mondo with Christian De Sica and Rocco Papaleo” – Directed by Luca Miniero
21/12/2012 Cisternino (Brindisi) Italy
Open City "a new beginning is possible" synchronized launch of flying lanterns at 0:00.  

12/09/2012 Misano (Rimini) Emilia Romangna Italy
16/08/2012 Cattolica (Rimini) Emilia Romagna Italy
Event NON-PROFIT Organised in collaboration with: ADA NGO & CATTOLICA PER LA TANZANIA ( Page dedicated )

10/07/2012 Molfetta Bari Puglia Italy (Private Event)
08/07/2012 Milan Lombardy Italy (Private Event)
29/06/2012 Rome Lazio Italy (Private Event)
29/04/2012 Ruvo di Puglia (Bari) Puglia Italy (Private Event)
14/04/2012 Siena Tuscany Italy (Private Event)
24/12/2011 South Norwood, London United Kingdom (Private Event)
18/11/2011 St. Maria di Leuca (LE) Apulia Italy (Private Event)
30/10/2011 Latin (RM) Lazio Italy (Private Event)
16/10/2011 Legnano (MI) Lombardia Italy (Private Event)
09/10/2011 Empoli (FI) Tuscany Italy (Private Event)
09/10/2011 (MN) Lombardy (Private Event)
24/09/2011 Trani (BAT) Apulia Italy - Event Sponsored by DGL Energy Ltd
18/09/2011 Chieti Abruzzo Italy (Private Event)
18/092011 Tertenia (OG) Sardinia Italy (Private Event)
06/06/2011 Belgrad, Serbia (Private Event)

Interested in getting involved with Night Sky Lanterns Fest?
If you are interested to get involved and participate to any future event/fest, we'd love your help and support.

No matter in which country or city or village you live in, our show could be hosted near you and we want to let you know as soon as new fantastic opportunities arise and how to get involved.

Anyone can attend our lanterns fest without any age limits, however to subscribe and register your interest you must be 18 or over or authorised by an adult. No experience required.

Please email contact us with the following information (* Required)

1) Name and Surname*
2) Full address details*
3) Date of Birth*
4) Mobile Number*
5) Email address*
6) Subject* (write here one or more interest from the list below)
7) Promoter Number (please tell us how did you find us)
8) CV in pdf file (Optional)
9) Your Message/Comment (Optional)

List of interests: (**CV Required)

- Event Spectator
- Synchronised Launch Participant
- Trained Staff / Event Assistant**
- Promoter / Collaborator**
- Presenter / Extras**
- Photographer / Editor / Writer**
- Singer / Musician / DJ**
- Female-Male Model / Actor / Hostess**
- Steward / Security**

Your information will be strictly used to send you updates on new opportunities and we will not disclose any information with third party companies.

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