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Custom Sky Lanterns Eco Friendly

Sky Lanterns
Brand: Night Sky Lanterns®
Design: 100% Biodegradable - Wire Free - Asbestos Free
Product Code: SSLC1
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£12.99(VAT incl.)
Eco Friendly Custom Sky Lanterns - Pack of 1
Our Eco Friendly Supreme Sky Lanterns can be customised with any artwork or digital photo. Give a unique gift to your loved one and experience a magical sensation.
We can print any digital photo on our Supreme Sky Lanterns. These are ideal to customise any special event like Weddings, Birthdays, Memorials or Fundraising events. Eco-friendly Supreme Sky Lanterns are made with fireproof paper 21 gm2, bamboo ring, no metal parts, asbestos free and they are truly 100% biodegradable. This improved design is equipped with an innovative fuel cell made of cloth / fabric which after burning the combustible, it will crumbles in air before the lanterns start descending. This new heat source cell makes easier to ignite and it is more powerful compared to fuel cells made of cardboard, which reduces the time from lighting to launching the Lantern. This design, combined with the fireproof paper, treated with flame retardant agent makes these sky lanterns the most popular and easy to use compared to other economical lanterns. Additionally, these Premium Sky Lanterns are pre-assembled, ready to use, equipped with a non drip fuel cell and each lantern is packed with fully illustrated instructions on how to launch it safely into the Sky.
Popular with Ethical Wedding, Birthday Memorials and any special night like I Love You for Valentine's Day
Truly Eco Friendly, No Metal Parts, Asbestos Free, Fireproof Paper, Pre-attached Cloth Fuel Cell, Completely Compostable and Fully Biodegradable
These Sky Lanterns are manufactured to the highest standard and should not be confused with cheaper and poorly made imitations.

Instructions - How to use:
We can customise Supreme Sky Lanterns with any digital photo, artwork or portrait in multi-colours or black and white directly printed on one or two sides of each lantern.
To order customised sky lanterns, select from the dropdown window the size and the number of prints to apply on each lantern and enter the quantity of lanterns to be printed. Once your order has been paid, you will receive a confirmation email with your order details. Please reply to the email with a high resolution JPG photo or artwork in PDF and once confirmed we will print it on the facade of the lanterns exactly as it is on the photo provided.
Photo Editing Service can  be provided with additional charge of £7.99 per photo. We will email you 3 artworks of your photo edited including crop, resize, remove background and defects, add text, colour adjustments, etc. We aim to deliver all orders as soon as possible.
Delivery time approximately 5-7 days.
Each customised sky lanterns is individually packed, pre-assemble and ready to use. Simply open the lanterns swing it in the air to unfold all sides and lit the fuel cell with a regular lighter. Full Instruction are written on the insert of each lantern.
Print Sizes
Standard: 28 x 20 cm
Large: 41 x 28 cm
Eco Friendly Custom Supreme Sky Lanterns - Pack of 1
  • Sky Lantern: Supreme
  • Materials: Fireproof Paper 21gm2, Bamboo Ring, Fibreglass String and Cloth Fuel Cell
  • Paper Colour: Customised
  • Lantern size unfolded: 45 D x 70 H cm (18 x 36 Inch)
  • Pack size: 42 W x 42 L x 6 H cm (16 x 16 x 2.5 Inch)
  • Pack Gross Weight: ± 0.3 Kg
  • Brand: Night Sky Lanterns®
  • Product Code: SSLC1
Item Reviews & Comments
Average Vote: 120.0/5
2019-12-07 11:13:27
Hi Jessica,

Yes, you are right! Good quality sky lanterns are calibrated to lift their own weight.

We would suggest to write your messages directly on the paper of the lanterns using a permanent dry marker with a thick head.

Alternatively, you can attach 2 or 3 pieces of paper hanging from the bamboo ring. Write your messages on a thin paper, like “Post It” 10x10cm and with a 30-40cm cotton sawing thread and a needle puncture the paper at the base of the lantern and make a knot around the bamboo ring. At the other end of the cotton thread, do the same to hung the paper with your massages.

Let us know if you need further information.
Many thanks
Night Sky Lanterns®
Jessica Hughes
2019-12-06 21:29:37
Hi there, I’m
Looking for a large customised sky lantern but also wish to attach messages to it, either by a bag/basket. I understand that this would have to be lightweight for it to fly. Is this a possibility?
Many Thanks.
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