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Light Bulbs 25W ES27 White

LED Lights Festoon lights
Brand: Generic Product
Product Code: 25LBE27W
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25W Light Bulbs E27 White - Pack of 1
25W Light Bulbs internally coated for a smooth light diffusion

These White Lights Bulbs are internally coated to give a smooth light diffusion and the paint will not crack at high temperature like light bulbs externally painted. These can be used to replace the light bulbs of Festoon Lights or they can be installed to any lamp holder with E27 fittings to create sensational decorations with style and transform any indoor or outdoor space into a suggestive atmosphere.
Instructions - How to use:
E27 Light Bulbs can be installed to any lamp holder with a big screwing fittings. Simply screw the light bulb all the way to ensure a firm connection with he lamp holder and ensure that it does not get in contact with any part of the lampshade. Be aware not to touch the hot light bulb when in on.
25W Light Bulbs E27 White - Pack of 1
  • Light Bulb: E27
  • Power: 25 Watt
  • Colour: White internally coated
  • Voltage: 230v domestic
  • Light Bulb size: 6 D x 10 H cm (2.5 x 4 Inch)
  • Pack size: 6 W x 6 L x 10 H cm (2.5 x 2.5 x 4 Inch)
  • Pack Gross Weight: ± 0.05 Kg
  • Product Code: 25LBE27W
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